• Shortly About Me

    A good cigar in Ybor City

    Dedicated traveler and eclectic photographer, I enjoy life to its fullest, striving to capture the moments, individuals and locales that enrich my vision and understanding of the world we live in.

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    What’s New


    LightCapture Website Update

    Starting the new year with a website refresh, in both appearance and content. The Portfolio is 'work in progress' with additional categories and images added in the coming weeks. Take a look and feel free to offer feedback!


    Somerville Show Ends

    Another well received show at the busy True Grounds CoffeeHouse in Somerville MA. Thank you Rhett & Amy for their continued support of local artists.

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    My Focus

    North Fork, Long Island

    Fine Art & Creative Content

    I am dedicated to capturing images that attract a closer look, reflecting my personal approach to life, where I often must stop, understand and appreciate a specific moment in time. I enjoy creating images that reflect my vision, offering the viewer the opportunity to share my outlook and maybe see something different in ubiquitous subjects.

    Digital Photographic Services

    • Digital conversion and restoration of 35mm negatives and prints

    • Personal/Commercial website consultative services

    • Architectural/Commercial/Editorial photographic assignment services

    • 3D Modeling and rendering of architectural interiors/exteriors

  • Bio

    Antonio ca. 2007

    Roots? What roots?

    Born in Italy, and transplanted to the US over 30 years ago, I have had the opportunity to travel and experience a good portion of the European continent as well as North and South America, Hawaii and the Caribbean, honing the connection between photography and personal vision. Through the lens I strive to achieve a unique style of interpreting the ordinary and the often missed extraordinary beauty that surrounds all of us. Currently in Connecticut, the last few years have been the longest stretch I have spent in a single place, and the desire to resume my wandering habits are growing stronger.

    Following an academic introduction to the visual arts through design and painting, I found photography to be the medium that fits my style best, especially since gaining extreme control over image development, following the transition to fully digital over ten years ago. Aside from Editorial content, capturing the photo is just the start of creating an image that not only reflects what I see, but through subjective development also shows my vision.

    Interests and Achievements

    • Member and supporter of the Canton Artist Guild

    • Successfully shown creative content in solo and group shows throughout New England

    • Published Editorial content in the Waterbury Observer newspaper

    • Recognized and awarded in juried events, eliciting positive reviews for my entire body of work

    • Traveling and connecting with a wide cross section of people and traditions

    • Motorcycle riding, ocean kayaking and all outdoor activities that keep me grounded to our world

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  • Services

    Assignment Photography

    • Architectural Interiors and Exteriors

    • Commercial and Real Estate

    • Travel and Resorts

    • Editorial

    Digital Photo Manipulation

    • 35mm negative scanning and restoration

    • Photo prints scanning and restoration

    • Photo preparation for web display

    • Website interface consulting

    3D Modeling

    • Interior & Exterior architectural modeling and photorealistic rendering

    About My Works

    Statue of Liberty NYC

    Website Update

    Long time supporters may have noticed the new LightCapture website look. Long overdue it showcases my images with a modern approach, leveraging CSS and HTML5 strengths, and hopefully facilitating site navigation and image display. Feedback is always welcome, so don't hesitate to comment!

    Weehawken NJ seen from Manhattan

    New Technologies

    Keeping pace with the latest hardware and software technology, the latest software upgrades include Adobe Lightroom 5 for image development and workflow, as well as Photoshop CS6 for detailed image manipulation, while the old HP B9880 workhorse as been replaced by an Epson R3000 generating stunning prints in both color and B&W

    New York New York in Las Vegas

    Creative Ideas

    A lull in corporate work has allowed additional time to revisit previous creative work and enable a fresh look. Perception and vision vary over time offering the opportunity to see exhisting images perhaps in a new light, where different cropping or color adjustments communicate a new vision

  • Contact Info

    Antonio Gruttadauria




    Current Gallery Shows

    Online Galleries

    Saatchi Art

    Fine Art America

    Local Galleries

    Soon to be announced !

    Check back soon for updates!

    Useful Links

    Interested in comparing competitive quotes for any of my services? Instead of wasting time searching, browsing and playing phone tag, use this link to request a service or write a review using ThumbTack!

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    New Hempshire Drag Racing

    Photo & Studio Equipment

    Operating in a fully digital environment for the last decade, both the studio and the photographic equipment have grown to meet the demands of my creativity and the needs of my customers.

    At the heart of photo development, manipulation and worklflow beats an 8 core, 4GHz Intel processor workstation, able to easily accomplish the most demanding graphical tasks as well as multitask the image management of over 65000 photographs. These images are stored and managed on a 15TB disk array, finely tuned to offer the best access performance and data integrity.

    Analog and digital cameras provide endless methods for acquiring images depending on assignment location and focus. In the analog corner a Nikon 9009 and Pentax K1000 are invaluable in areas where power connectivity is not readily available and a smaller more portable format is required, while the digital Canon 10D and 5D offer great capturing power and resolution.

    Analog images are acquired and digitized using several scanners: prints are scanned by a Canon 8600F @600 dpi, while 35mm film negatives and slides are process by a PlusTek 8100 @7200 dpi.

    Georgia Rodeo

    Creativity and Services

    Creativity is a personal and introspective quality that requires constant care and feed. Pablo Picasso once said “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ” and through the lens I attempt to materialize that new insight, for myself and my personal awareness of the world. Often offering these images to the rest to share and appreciate, I sprone a new view on the subjects and ultimately a better understanding of who I am.

    Many internet sites offer cookie-cutter photographic assistance, however I strive to provide highly customized products and services to meet creative needs and business goals. If you are interested in purchasing artwork, requesting a quote for a specific project, assignment or service, ask a question or just tell me how satisfied you are with my committment to you, just send me an email using the Contact Form or your own email application, and I'll be glad to assist you in selecting the best solution to your needs and promptly answer your questions.