Commercial Services

I work closely with Homeowners, Real Estate Agents and Architects to create digital imagery that is used commercially to advertise properties or appear in trade publication for a variety of uses.

These images are designed to be used in digital format, or print, as collateral to web-based publications, Real Estate listings, advertising campaigns and other digital or printed media.

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Fine Art

Natural and urban subjects in B&W and color, these images connect with the viewer through familiar places and engaging visuals.

These images are designed to be showcased in medium to large prints to enhance living areas as well as commercial spaces by adding a measure of form, texture and color. These works are shipped in print and in a variety of sizes ranging from 8x10 to 36x48 or larger (in inches). Specific images may also be licensed in digital format for temporary or lifetime use.

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Creative visual arts have been my passion for many years and it has guided me to capture images that connect with my vision of our surroundings. I enjoy creating quality photographs and I have extended my scope and technique to portray architectural subjects and showcase their esthetic features.

By approaching a variey of subjects and audiences my style builds on interesting perspective, clean lines and a high quality final product, engaging the viewer to look closer or a little longer.

Both the Commercial and Fine Art sections contain additional information on those specific subjects.